KCA Connected

KCA’s extranet web services are guided by the principles of transparency, accountability and the avoidance of duplication of work. We aim for users to have a single, simple point of access that provides all the functionality they need and no more. Wherever possible, we make all appropriately shared information available directly and in real time.


We can provide commissioners with their own user log-in to KCA Connected. With this they can see all of their KCA events, both future and historical, and access all of the training resources including the presentations. For historical events they can see a summary of all feedback left by participants. For future events they have a real-time overview of preparations for the day, including venue, pack production, participant numbers and any specific requirements.

If commissioners are using KCA Connected for pre-event registration or download management, they can access the questionnaire, see a summary of responses, view registrations on-screen and pull down data in spreadsheet file format. If they are running their own training events in partnership with KCA, they can use KCA Connected to manage event set-up, trainer allocation and customised resources. And if they are using KCA Online, they can conduct all their e-learning administration and reporting from that single point of log-on.


Any trainers delivering KCA courses or being resourced by KCA in the delivery of partnership training events have secure log-in to KCA Connected. From this they can see all their historical and forthcoming events, access the resources they need to deliver training, and view event feedback. They can find information about venues, see a full trainer briefing and view any other notes pertaining to a particular event. They can also claim their expenses online and leave their own feedback on both their performance as a trainer and any issues relating to the venue or event organisation.


At each and every training event delivered by KCA or using KCA resources, participants can be provided with their own secure log-in to KCA connected. If they are already a KCA Connected user, this will link that event to their account, where it forms part of a growing portfolio of learning. They can leave event feedback, download attendance certificates and additional resources, and access their e-learning.

About KCA Connected

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