Reflective learning at your pace

Grounded in an understanding of the needs of children and young people, KCA Online (our elearning platform) is a key part of our connected learning approach.

'The overall finding of the meta-analysis is that online learning (combination of studies of purely online and of blended learning) on average produces stronger student learning outcomes than learning solely through face-to-face instruction.'

Means, Toyama, Murphy, Bakia (2013) The effectiveness of online and blended learning: A meta-analysis of the empirical literature

The online courses aim to develop knowledge, skills and reflection not by taking people out of their workplace, but rather by sending them to explore their workplace and their work relationships as part of an ongoing learning journey.

Activities and exercises require learners to:

  • 'stop and think'
  • 'go and do'
  • record their discoveries in their online journal

With the facility for the journal to be shared with a designated learning mentor as a space for online reflective discussion, this makes for superb work-based learning, promoting practical application and professional conversations.

Although the learning is guided online, with input from experts, in reality people are learning from and alongside their managers, colleagues and service users.

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'So relevant to some of the pupils at our school, this has given me a greater understanding of how they behave and why and how I can help and support them, plenty of reassurance and trust building practices.'

Learner accessing 'Attachment and Brain Development' e-learning, March 2020

Course list

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'The course has been really engaging and has made me look at emotion coaching not just in work but also in my life outside.'

Learner accessing 'Emotion Coaching' e-learning, January 2020