Creating Connections

Developing individual and community resilience

Creating connections between human beings lies at the heart of individual and community resilience, and, indeed, lies at the heart of KCA’s work. KCA’s resilience mapping tools facilitate conversations about the network around vulnerable individuals and guides direction for intervention and support.

'The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.'

Coretta Scott-King
Creating connections

Resilience is important for every human, and much attention has been given to how individual resilience can be developed and supported. Even more important, particularly during periods of adversity, is understanding how communities can become more resilient, so that individuals can be safely held through turbulent times and experience recovery from trauma. Vulnerability and resilience are always changing – we can always become more resilient.

Compassionate reason, a motivational state which underpins both individual and community resilience, results in the connected relationships which are essential. Underpinning KCA’s training and consultancy sits the interplay between individual and community resilience, and how each of us can play a part in developing and sustaining compassionate communities.

Creating Connections 1

'I discovered I do not really have a network around me of people that can help me co-regulate my brain. I need to work on that.'

Participant at KCA training from school in Middlesex, February 2021

To support practitioners in reflective discussions about the resilience of the network around a child, young person or adult they are holding in mind, we have resources available, including:

Interview with Kate Cairns