Discussions that lead to change

KCA Trainer Consultants encourage application of the Knowledge base, through working alongside commissioners in a collaborative manner to support Changes in thinking so that their services can take Action to achieve impact at a whole systems level.

'A good discussion increases the dimensions of everyone who takes part.'

Randolf Bourne

Our Trainer Consultants bring their years of experience and knowledge to enable your service to develop structures and practice that meet the needs of vulnerable people.

Whether joining you for face-to-face meetings, or engaging in creative thinking by phone or web-based meetings, we focus on tangible outputs that will let you see real life results.

We can provide, for example:

  • Facilitated reflective practice with individuals or small groups of practitioner enabling application of theory to practice
  • Support with the development of policies, strategies and Theories of Change, enabling the embedding of the knowledge base to daily practice
  • Individual case consultancy enabling practitioners to look with fresh eyes at 'stuck' cases and develop workable plans to meet the needs with the resources available
  • Team consultancy and team building enabling whole teams to embed knowledge about attachment, trauma and secondary trauma into practice
  • Multi-disciplinary network consultancy promoting shared understanding and enabling conflict resolution and effective planning / implementation
  • Contributions or facilitation of system leaders events enabling action and impact at management level
Consultancy 1

'This type of consultancy ensures that all relevant people, including Foster Carers are included in formulating a common approach to helping a young person to develop. There is also an opportunity to ensure that interventions are replicated in ALL contact areas to re-enforce positive interactions with the young person.'

Participant in a KCA consultancy session, Poole, 2016

All consultancy carried out by KCA is backed up by our robust administrative and technical support, providing full accountability at every stage through our KCA Connected system.

By working collaboratively and co-creatively with commissioners, we support them to ensure that the knowledge about connected relationships and the neuroscience of attachment, trauma and resilience is embedded at whole system level.

Please get in touch for details about how we might be able to support you.

I consultancy 2

'In COVID 19 times, it was really refreshing and nice to have space to talk about this and about resilience both in personal and work lives. Thank you.'

Virgin Care, February 2021