“The world doesn't change one person at a time..” Collaborating to help the NSPCC become a Trauma Informed Organisation

Richard Holmes from KCA and Warren Larkin Associates explore the importance of collaborating for social change, through a joint project with the NSPCC.

14th July 2022

Trauma Informed Leadership: inverting the structure chart!

In this blog, Rich explores trauma informed leadership and how it might help 'stuck' organisations.

5th July 2022

Co-Owned and Co-Managed

Read how KCA is becoming a co-owned and co-managed organisation, that stays congruent to its values.

16th June 2022

Community connection - for desire or for necessity?

In this blog Susan Blomley reflects on our personal 'needometer', that in built mechanism that helps us to know when we need to help people around us. We explore what moves us to action and we ask why we sometimes choose to do nothing.

26th May 2022

Compassion. Reason. Value. Belong.

By Susan Blomley

31st March 2022

Origins Of Connections

By Rich Holmes

3rd March 2022

Join Our Team

Join us job advert for Director of Learning

1st March 2022

The power of the little things…for EVERYONE!

By Susan Blomley

3rd November 2021

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17th August 2021

A Day of Contrasts

7th February 2017