Comments from those we have worked with

All our e-learning and face-to-face courses have built-in participant evaluation and we can also add in bespoke web-based surveys for longitudinal studies and contribute our own statistical analysis of data if required.

"Great day yet again, thank you" Peta Mather - 15 April 2021
"Excellent delivery, just the right combination of provider input and breakout discussion. Very thought provoking and reflective." KCA Course Participant - 15 April 2021
"[This course] enabled me to take better notice of behaviours and consider what they may be communicating." KCA Course Participant - 15 April 2021
"Found to be great, thank you" KCA Course Participant - 12 January 2021
"Currently I am working with a young person who has suffered trauma so this has given me a better understanding of how the trauma may have affected her brain development. Also the reasons behind why she is displaying challenging behaviour." KCA Course Participant - 31 March 2021
"I would suggest that most of clients have experienced trauma in one form or another during their lifetime. In applying some of the techniques learnt I hope to be able to engage and form trusting relationships so that I can support my clients to the best of my ability." Jason Fleming - 18 March 2021
"I work in a pupil referral unit, the course gave me a better understanding of how to deal with students in crisis using five to thrive." KCA Course Participant - 16 March 2021
"I found the course fascinating and the delivery exceptional. Some of the most engaging learning I have been fortunate enough to be a part of. Every single human being needs this training!" Tracy Parsons - 12 March 2021
"This is an incredibly useful area of study; useful for line and team managers in care services as well as anyone working in a therapeutic setting." Lesley Binks - 15 February 2021
"Kate was a fantastic trainer - she delivered the content expertly and managed to keep everyone engaged and interested (even over Zoom!). She is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable in her field and it was a pleasure to have attended." KCA Course Participant - 8 February 2021
"This course made complete sense in many ways, and helped remind me of the reality behind the behaviour and patterns we see (from our young people, and staff) in college. The course also helped support professional reflection on what we (me) do OK with, and what we need to be mindful of for development / improvement. It also gave good examples of what we can include in our day to day working with the young people. It was useful to work in mixed groups, as we could really understand our shared and different experiences; and work as a team with people outside of our immediate daily team. This course is very relevant for me professionally, but also as a parent. I wish this view of supporting our young people was made more of a priority in all education provisions. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and expertise ... quite inspiring!" KCA Course Participant - 8 February 2021
"I have given Kate the highest score possible as I have never attended training, especially that over Zoom, that was as engaging and motivating as hers was. She is clearly very knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to have attended." KCA Course Participant - 8 February 2021
"I think this course managed to explored some really complex aspects of neurobiology - theory and research, in an accessible, informative way." KCA Course Participant - 27 January 2021
"I found this training really useful to help me reflect on how service users might be feeling and has given me food for thought" Sue Morris - 7 July 2020
"It would be good to encourage other colleagues to watch this webinar. It has helped me to think about shaping individual work with adults on my caseload" Sue Carter - 7 July 2020
"The sessions have opened my mind to think and approach situations differently with young adults within the prison setting. And has helped me assess how I carry out assessments and improve this when I encounter a young person." KCA Course Participant - 23 March 2021
"One of the best on line courses I have done. Really good materials and clear explanations." Rachel Levy - 22 March 2021
"Really helpful - one of the best training sessions I have attended. Very useful for helping students and I also found it enlightening for my own mental health struggles." Jessica Steinberg - 18 March 2021
"This is totally what we need as a service to empower our parents and improve outcomes for their children. I love how practical this training is: the examples, resources and development of a shared language. For me, personally, I need to know the 'whys' first -so this training was perfect for me! Thank you" Sarah Milward - 9 March 2021
"Susan was brilliant at explaining everything clearly so we could relate it to help us with our delivery of services and within ourselves." Luisa Burgess - 9 March 2021
"This will help us write our new groups and adapt some of our exisiting groups - we needed more current, up to date (and inspiring) information/training in order to this (and you are definitely providing this)" Sarah Milward - 9 March 2021
"Informative and reflective - giving us opportunities to reflect amoungst ourselves and were welcomed to ask any questions directly to Susan." KCA Course Participant - 6 March 2021
"The organisation and running of the course felt extremely smooth and professional." Chris Hussey - 5 March 2021
"The content and delivery were incredibly inspiring and motivating!" Chris Hussey - 5 March 2021
"I think this trainer was incredibly knowledgeable, inspiring and motivating...I can't identify any ways that she could've delivered this content any better!" Chris Hussey - 5 March 2021
"No, she was excellent. She was very aware of the group and great at interacting with everyone." Emma Moorhead - 4 March 2021
"Thoroughly enjoyed this training course. Presented in an engaging enthusiastic and clear way. Break out rooms were very good way of networking with others." Lynda Moss - 4 March 2021
"Very informative, I am looking forward to going away and implementing things into my practice!" Jasmine James - 4 March 2021
"Susan really made the content easy to understand and talked through it is a clear way that i could follow. i have completed previous learning around the brain but she has made this simple to understand and utilise" KCA Course Participant - 4 March 2021
"Our trainer had a lovely inclusive approach to every member of the group. The day went quickly." Emma Moorhead - 4 March 2021
"Thought Susan was amazing, such energy and knowledge and passion. Within our small group we remarked how we would need to try and channel her enthusiasm to motivate others when we come to share our learning. She kept the day flowing beautifully." KCA Course Participant - 4 March 2021
"It was really helpful, well paced and relevant but not too formal. Useful to have the breakout rooms for discussions too." Paula Page - 3 March 2021
"Susan is an enthusiastic and energetic presenter who maintained my attention for the whole day, I aspire to be like you Susan thanks for a great day." KCA Course Participant - 3 March 2021
"I was hooked and listening intently for the whole session ~ really great, thank you!" KCA Course Participant - 25 February 2021
"A great big thank you, another colleague was on the training too and we 'met up' afterwards and my first comment was 'I really enjoyed that'...not an easy task these days with on line training. So thank you!!!" KCA Course Participant - 25 February 2021
"I really enjoyed how Susan presented all the information very down to earth and understandable and I could relate to." Julie Baulch - 22 February 2021
"I found the course leader to be friendly and approachable which encouraged participation from delegates." KCA Course Participant - 12 February 2021
"Understanding that young people acting out is not necessarily a bad thing for attention or 'just because' but a reaction to ACE's which has developed over time. Learning to understand this and change the way I view this and react to this verbally and non verbally will help moving forward." KCA Course Participant - 11 February 2021
"I could listen to her all day. She is so very well informed and has a really fantastic way of delivering the material with the right blend of academics and 'on-the-ground' real life experiences." Renee Hulse - 10 February 2021
"The reflection time in small groups was great. Sally was a really great facilitator -thank you" Emma Merry , Essex Chold and Family Wellbeing Service - 9 February 2021
"I have attended courses like this one on a similar subject,but I can honestly say this one was straightforward and I came away with a good understanding, without feeling overwhelmed by too much information." KCA Course Participant - 5 February 2021
"Really informative course. Lots of opportunity to discuss your thoughts with your own colleagues so you didn't feel that you were sitting and listening the whole time. This also meant that you could always apply what was being discussed to your own school." KCA Course Participant - 4 February 2021
"I really like how we were put into break out rooms with colleagues so we could discuss in practical terms how we would use the information gleaned on the course." Louise Parkin - 3 February 2021
"Helpful and practical resources building on a sound theoretical knowledge base" KCA Course Participant - 3 February 2021
"The break out facility really helped to break up the content and provide meaningful reflection for our own setting" KCA Course Participant - 3 February 2021
"It was delivered in a down to earth manner which made it less daunting. I personally found it engaging and inspiring and I'm excited to start thinking about how we might deliver these ideas in school." KCA Course Participant - 2 February 2021
"It was very interesting to learn new information. I thought having been a police officer over 30 years it would be a bit boring and I would know it already but I learnt lots of new skills" KCA Course Participant , Police - 29 January 2021
"Brilliantly presented. Informative. Challenging. Practical applications along with fascinating neuroscience." KCA Course Participant - 27 January 2021
"I will use the Five to Thrive Model to support my self reflection and inform my day to day working practises. I will use the Mending Harm Model to inform how I drive my daily conversations with my customers of all ages." KCA Course Participant - 27 January 2021
"Dealing with Domestic abuse victims this new information will help me understand their thought process and hopefully help me to help them" KCA Course Participant - 27 January 2021
"I thought the trainer was very positive and enthusiastic in delivering the training. It moved at a good pace and the breakout rooms were really good for discussions. I enjoyed it" Chrissie Fay - 26 January 2021
"The course was a mix of watching videos, interactive sessions, speaking demos, it was a good mix of every type of learning. we were also able to ask questions via the chat system at any time which was really helpful" KCA Course Participant - 26 January 2021
"This was the best course that i have attended in a long time" KCA Course Participant - 26 January 2021
"I really enjoyed the delivery even though it was online, the breakout spaces and time limits kept the content focused throughout." Kirsty Howarth - 20 January 2021
"It will help me to more easily identify trauma & stress in people I converse with and help me to empathise more with them in difficult situations." KCA Course Participant - 20 January 2021
"It was engaging and enabled self-reflection as well as empowering us to be better practitioners." Kirsty Howarth - 20 January 2021
"The learning will impact on lots of children I work with and how I respond and interact with them." Emma Kelly - 19 January 2021
"What a fantastic course which was very thought provoking and has inspired me to research and read some more to develop my knowledge and practice further." Emma Kelly - 19 January 2021
"We are starting baby groups up again and the new training has given me more confidence." KCA Course Participant - 18 January 2021
"I thought the delivery was passionately, yet appropriately conveyed. Really enjoyable. Great use of efficient break out groups that were managed really well. Great time keeping." Peta Mather - 18 January 2021
"Thank you- looking forward to day 2. Can really see the importance of this training for the whole staff team." Peta Mather - 18 January 2021
"To adapt our school's Behaviour for Life and Learning Policy and to use the shared vocabulary to coach staff through tricky situations!" Kay Bridson - 13 January 2021
"Brilliant!!" Sue Pattison - 13 January 2021
"I absolutely loved it! The visuals are really useful as well as a good paced presentation." Kay Bridson - 13 January 2021
"Having worked in school the morning following this webinar, I used strategies mentioned and they worked... today!" Carol Perry - 12 January 2021
"Really interesting content, clearly and expertly delivered with perfect balance of group delivery and break out rooms, well done and thank you!" KCA Course Participant - 16 December 2020
"A true expert, it was a real privilege to be part of the session." KCA Course Participant - 16 December 2020
"As a mentor for a lot of children with trauma, this training has helped us as a team to form some action plans on how we can move forward to support these children and staff" KCA Course Participant - 15 December 2020
"Very informative and valuable. Should be made compulsory for all professions who work with CYP." KCA Course Participant - 15 December 2020
"Very inspiring and thought provoking - ready to incorporate into everyday practice" Elishia Jones - 11 December 2020
"This is one of the best training sessions I have been to. Took a lot away from it. I also love the section where you used your hand to describe the brain never heard of this analogy before but its helped cement the knowledge into my own brain. Thank you" Fleur Harrison - 2 December 2020
"The training was well presented with enough information recapping and new knowledge, plenty of time to discuss in small groups and plenty of opportunities to as questions throughout. Very interesting and enjoyable to attend. Thanks you" Ness Clark - 1 December 2020
"I really liked the presentation of this training; much better than some online ones that I have experienced." KCA Course Participant - 29 November 2020
"The five to thrive model will help me implement the correct strategy when talking to vulnerable individuals. I feel this is what I currently do, but knowing the model is great way to understand the reasoning behind the model." KCA Course Participant , Police - 28 November 2020
"KCA course continue to be very informative and inspiring" Tim Sandford - 26 November 2020
"This was a great course, well presented with great visuals. The Breakout rooms were great and the variation of activities. This was the best virtual course I have attended." Jessica Galvin - 13 November 2020
"The course facilitator was amazing! For such a long remote training session it did not feel 'long' at all. She was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about 5 to Thrive. It made the day of real value. Thank you!" Polly Marsh - 13 November 2020
"I found the tutor really engaging and easy to listen to. I really enjoyed this training and will definitely be using what I have learned in my work as a children's social worker" Juliet Thomas - 5 November 2020
"It was an infomation packed day. It was delivered under challenging times and i thought very well. I enjoyed the virtual chat rooms." Louise Chant - 4 November 2020
"Rarely have I attended training where I feel there are so many points which I can implement as of tomorrow. Thank you, Susan. A superb session with lots of immediate positive feedback from colleagues around me." KCA Course Participant - 2 November 2020
"The content was reflective of our community and practice. It was also about emotional wellbeing of children, parents and practitioners. To me it was like a sequel to my Solihull training. Fantastic!" Florence Oyewumi - 26 October 2020
"Very enthusiastically delivered and upbeat considering the session was so long. Susan seems passionate and knowledgeable and it was very interesting." Kate Chorlton - 16 October 2020
"This is the best Webinar training I have had so far." KCA Course Participant - 25 September 2020
"Her ability to manage and hold a large (not always cooperative) body of staff was impressive. The pace was also judged correctly given the audience." Jill Joseph - 4 September 2020
"The opportunities for people to discuss the themes and ideas was invaluable. So often, school staff are deprived of this opportunity to embed their thinking and understanding." Jill Joseph - 4 September 2020
"It really did go a bit deeper than other training I have come accross. Very much needed." Kerry Roberts - 3 June 2020
"I find that in dealing with these difficult situations the suggestions of which responses to use are very helpful. Personally I can stay calm and connected in these circumstances but can struggle to find the right words... I do find myself drawing on these empathic responses I'm learning in training." Kerry Roberts - 3 June 2020
"Very calming approach and positive to encourage us that we can make a difference." KCA Course Participant - 14 May 2020
"Very calming approach and positive to encourage us that we can make a difference... I thought it was really important to be reminded of children who have experienced previous traumas and the effect Covid 19 may have on them." KCA Course Participant - 14 May 2020
"It will inform how I plan for my class when schools open more widely, and contribute to planning in how the schools re-open... a very useful reminder of how essential a compassionate reasoned response for both adults and children in the school environment, more now than ever." Becky Fage - 13 May 2020
"My first webinar, and a very positive experience." Becky Fage - 13 May 2020
"Really engaging... helpful in exploring how to support families coming out of lockdown who were already suffering trauma" Susan Bugden - 11 May 2020
"I enjoyed the training, it was very useful and helped to inform my understanding of the issues children will face on returning to school." KCA Course Participant - 6 May 2020
"I enjoy Kate's down to earth and very knowledgable approach." KCA Course Participant - 5 May 2020
"I work with secondary students and many will have ACEs and find the current situation very traumatic. This has let me reflect on my practice and my practice going forward in terms of these children and some of the difficulties they will be facing currently and when we return to 'normal'." KCA Course Participant - 25 April 2020
"This was a brilliantly taught and highly informative course, with strategies that I can use across the next year." KCA Course Participant - 24 April 2020
"Very funny, which made it more human. I love the use of anecdotes to illustrate points." Samantha Chinnock , Rednock School - 22 April 2020
"As always KCA has responded to the ever changing challenges and provided a webinar and resources of the highest quality. I am privileged to able to access this and want to encourage a wider group of people to do so." KCA Course Participant - 13 April 2020
"It gives me scientific evidence to support my efforts within school to maintain contact with my pupils." Dawn Delmaine , Dursley Primary Academy - 9 April 2020
"I liked that I could see the video of Kate as well as the slides. It helped me to engage with what she was saying." Dawn Delmaine , Dursley Primary Academy - 9 April 2020
"It was the first training I have accessed using zoom which seemed to work well. Really useful to have printed the notes out before it started." Dawn Delmaine , Dursley Primary Academy - 9 April 2020
"Timely and useful" Hilary Smith - 8 April 2020
"Really brought together many different aspects of KCA's work and approach. Excellent!" Dean Sharp - 8 April 2020
"Please pass on huge thank you to Hilary Smith. The training will definitely have a positive impact on the lives of our children...and ourselves as we fill our emotional wells!!" KCA Course Participant - 8 January 2020
"I really enjoyed the training, Debbie was inspiring and a wonderful role model. It was eye opening and very relevant to my role. Its made me think more closely about the children in my care and my role in their lives. I cant recommend or thank you enough." Louise Johnston , Cheadle Heath Primary School - 8 January 2020
"Was totally engaged by the amazing speaker. Her passion was palpable and the presentation extremely professional." Claudie Thornewill - 6 January 2020
"This was an excellent day of training.Nicky was vibrant, and an excellent presenter. She gave a lot of information in a very accessible way. She made everything relevant to the children in our setting and gave us lots of ways in which we could include what we we were learning in the classroom.The day was fast paced and went too quickly ! Thank you." KCA Course Participant - 6 January 2020
"100% pure brilliant" Joanne Redmond , Moat House - 6 January 2020
"The best and most informative training session I have ever attended, wish they could all be at the same level. thank you" Kim Clements , Dorset - 6 January 2020
"A really inspiring course delivered by a passionate presenter who held the balance between personal experience, excellent examples, motivational presentation. It was brilliant. Thank you Susan." KCA Course Participant - 20 November 2019
"I left the training course feeling completely inspired and motivated to return to my centre and share all of my new found knowledge." Arran Cooke - 4 November 2019
"The trainer Sally (Patterson) was absolutely brilliant and delivered a really relevant presentation." Sarah Lloyd - 14 October 2019
"A fantastic course led by an inspirational speaker (Kate) who has so much valuable knowledge to share." KCA Course Participant - 9 October 2019
"Really enjoyed it. Sheila was excellent" Caroline McInnes - 7 October 2019
"Most wonderful resources to refer to during the day... and afterwards too - amazing!!" Hannah Knight - 1 October 2019
"The quality of the talk, the presentation, the take home booklet: all wonderful!" Hannah Knight - 1 October 2019
"Make it mandatory for anyone working in a school or learning environment!!" Hannah Knight - 1 October 2019
"This is one of the best courses I have done as it teaches about the responsibilities of a carer and how to work as a team. Rewards for training are refreshing." Maegin Zindi - 18 September 2019
"Would recommend that anyone and everyone in a school type setting would benefit from the training. Especially from such a passionate insightful individual." KCA Course Participant - 2 September 2019
"Kate is a very good trainer. She delivers a very knowledgeable, interesting and enjoyable training session. Her lived examples are also really useful." Reda Charles - 2 August 2019
"Jo (McAndrews) is a wonderful presenter - so enthusiastic." Jane Arundell - 3 July 2019
"Kate was absolutely fantastic. Best training I have attended." KCA Course Participant - 28 June 2019
"It has enabled me to recognise much more clearly how I can support colleagues who are experiencing secondary trauma and the role which I can have as a manager to help them." Heather Beach - 22 June 2019
"Important" Heather Beach - 22 June 2019
"Amazing training delivered by a knowledgeable, compassionate and considerate woman. I feel that I learned a great deal and consolidated other knowledge. I could have listening to Kate teach for hours!" Toni Goodall - 12 June 2019
"It was perfect. I learned so much" Jill Lewins - 3 June 2019
"Really useful and the resources have been great also as we have been able to share this within the team." Katie Mills , Northumberland County Council - 12 February 2019
"It was great training - really useful and refreshing to have training which we can apply directly to practice rather than just delivering knowledge. Thank you so much Kate!" Katie Mills , Northumberland County Council - 12 February 2019
"Should be required training for all NQTs and practitioners in schools" KCA Course Participant - 11 February 2019
"The trainer really knew her stuff and was able to tailor the sessions to the questions and needs of the group" Tonia Vincent - 24 January 2019
"Lots of practical ideas and food for thought. I have begun implementing the ideas with some success." KCA Course Participant - 21 January 2019
"Maria was extremely informative and her firsthand knowledge and examples were helpful ways to see some issues in context." KCA Course Participant - 21 January 2019
"Delivery was sharp witted and challenges were handled with tact and mastery" KCA Course Participant - 31 December 2018
"This course gives me a useful understanding of attachment, which is useful for working with my foster children, who have attachment disorders." KCA Course Participant - 4 December 2018
"It was informative and very well presented , liked the videos and handouts , and group work" KCA Course Participant - 9 November 2018
"No waffle and no unnecessary information, exactly what we needed to know - and I have a psychology degree!" KCA Course Participant - 2 October 2018
"Sue was lovely and open. She knew what she was doing and did it well." KCA Course Participant - 30 September 2018
"Tom was brilliant at delivering this course" Claire Farrand , Chadsgrove School - 26 September 2018
"Superbly relevant and useful and underpins my whole teaching ethos." KCA Course Participant - 24 September 2018
"Tom kept me engaged all day" Maureen Burrell , Chadsgrove School - 5 September 2018
"Fantastic course. Well delivered." KCA Course Participant - 5 September 2018
"It was an utterly inspiring training day - thank you!" KCA Course Participant - 13 August 2018
"Kate Cairns was amazing and I am so pleased that I have attended." KCA Course Participant - 10 August 2018
"Fantastic Course for all involved. Very inspiring and helpful for my field of work." KCA Course Participant - 31 July 2018
"A very useful training course with a very good tutor." KCA Course Participant - 16 July 2018
"Although I think of myself as a caring person, this course has given me food for thought regarding how I approach difficult situations and encouraging children to learn to resolve and self regulate their emotions." Alison Nicholls - 5 July 2018
"I have two LAC students in my year group that have been really challenging. Since the training, I pay more attention to understand what triggers their negative emotions due to the trauma they went through." KCA Course Participant - 29 June 2018
"A wonderful and totally inspiring session." KCA Course Participant - 27 June 2018
"Wonderful trainer, great content, I felt it really resonated with me on a personal and professional level and I can't wait to put the learning into practice" Cath Pithouse , Barnardo's Scotland - 26 June 2018
"Excellent course gives food for thought both in practice and as a parent." KCA Course Participant - 6 June 2018
"I thought Felicia Wood was an excellent presenter who made the course a very interesting experience. I look forward to attending the second part of the course in October." KCA Course Participant - 6 June 2018
"I have already started to think differently about the way some pupils behaviours are and why they are they way they are, increasing my empathy and therefore a better connection to them." KCA Course Participant - 5 June 2018
"Thank you!" KCA Course Participant - 24 May 2018
"Everyone who works with or looks after young people should attend" Nicola Barson , Aberaeron Comprehensive School - 22 May 2018
"Very good training, definitely left me wanting more!" KCA Course Participant - 18 May 2018
"I cannot think of any ways that this course could be improved. I found it so useful and really opened me up to children's behaviours and brain. FANTASTIC DAY!! Thank you." Annamarie Finn - 17 May 2018
"The training was excellent and it was just what we need at this moment in time. The trainer was excellent and very engaging and supportive. It was really helpful to be able to talk about specific difficulties and be given new solutions. Also, having reassurance about strategies used is greatly appreciated." KCA Course Participant - 9 May 2018
"Captivating! Brain Roberts was excellent." KCA Course Participant - 9 May 2018
"All parents/guardians need this training!" KCA Course Participant - 4 May 2018
"Tom Pyne was inspirational throughout the course. The use of first hand experiences helped to put knowledge into practical situations. An enjoyable and informative day." KCA Course Participant - 29 April 2018
"Kate Cairns has a lovely style to her facilitation. I really like someone who can apply concepts to real situations and the stories make it tangible and help integrate it for me. I think Kate does that really well." KCA Course Participant - 19 April 2018
"Thoroughly enjoyed the training, allowed the development of ideas that can be implemented quickly. The course also allowed for challenging questions to be raised regarding the consistency of approach which were answered effectively." Gregory Colyer - 19 April 2018
"Tom Pyne was an inspiration to listen to." KCA Course Participant - 17 April 2018
"Amazing delivery of a very important and powerful subject" KCA Course Participant - 16 April 2018
"Fascinating" KCA Course Participant - 1 April 2018
"Christina Enright was very enthusiastic and motivating and inspiring." Josephina Walker - 29 March 2018
"Excellent!" KCA Course Participant - 23 March 2018
"This is without a doubt the best quality training that I have attended in terms of content, delivery and being able to apply what has been taught." Donna Cooper , Surrey County Council - 23 March 2018
"Brilliant, engaging!" Beverley Barsby , Leicester City Council - 21 March 2018
"This course was the best I have been on in a long time. I was fully captivated all the time. Tom Pyne was engaging, and very funny. I have already applied the coaching to my own kids, and have seen better results than my usual, sometimes dismissive style that I sadly recognised in myself!" Beverley Barsby , Leicester City Council - 21 March 2018
"The training was extremely useful and enabled me to reflect on my interaction with parents and children. It also gave me an insight into the brain development and an effective way to share with parents too." Shamimara Khanom - 13 March 2018
"This training should be available for all people working with families, whether directly with children or not to help increase understanding for future generations." Claire Sawyers , Barnardo's - 2 March 2018
"Passionate. Exceptional. Inspiring. (Jane Evans)" Thomasina Sargent , Staffordshire County Council - 2 March 2018
"Amazing! Tom Pyne is an inspiration and makes learning easy" Kerry Smith - 28 February 2018
"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course. I felt the course consolidated a lot of my previous knowledge and am truly grateful for this opportunity. As a result of this training I will endeavour to change the rigid mind-sets of professionals that this child is "playing up", "attention seeking", "Acting out" "wanting to be difficult" etc." Michelle Johnson - 28 February 2018
"Very inspiring speakers! Really enjoyed it. This will help me a great deal in my work with families ." Lynn Teasdale , Barnardo's - 27 February 2018
"Kate was Fabulous and Engaging. The course really made me assess my way of dealing with people." KCA Course Participant - 27 February 2018
"Thanks Sue Egersdorff for a really inclusive and fun environment for learning." KCA Course Participant - 26 February 2018
"Didn't need a whole day, Tom Pyne is such a wonderful speaker it would have been great to hear about another topic too." KCA Course Participant - 26 February 2018
"Really enjoyed the training. Christina Enright was very knowledgeable and had very good teaching skills." KCA Course Participant - 23 February 2018
"I would like to thank Kate Cairns for a very interesting morning and I was impressed by her knowledge and method of explaining the whole Emotion Coaching concept. I will be using the knowledge gained in my working with people of all ages!" KCA Course Participant - 18 February 2018
"One of the best courses I have been on!" KCA Course Participant - 4 February 2018
"Loved it and use it every day professionally and personally. Best course I have ever been on. Training was outstanding." Christine Langston - 3 February 2018
"I will be able to use the Five to Thrive ideas with mothers who are suffering with mental health difficulties, enable them to address babies needs even if they can't always address their own. There are ways that even a poorly mother can help with the development of a babies brain." Faye Jerram - 2 February 2018
"Fantastic" KCA Course Participant - 1 February 2018
"Was very interesting and completely captured the audience, plenty of interaction and completely useful information shared" KCA Course Participant - 30 January 2018
"It was refreshing to attend a course where the speaker didn't waste time on pointless group activities. I was more than happy to spend the entire day listening to and benefiting from KC's tremendous knowledge, experience and insights." KCA Course Participant - 29 January 2018
"I find this topic very interesting and relevant to my role. I would be interested in any further training that may become available in the future." KCA Course Participant - 29 January 2018
"I think it was refreshing to have a trainer who was very knowledgeable about their subject, who could answer all questions and while being led off on a tangent can quickly bring the group back on track. A trainer that covered everything without having to read the powerpoint to us while we were also reading it and had a handout with it all written on as well." KCA Course Participant - 27 January 2018
"This was such a nicely paced course bringing together attachment matters and the impact on education of those vulnerabilities that affect our children. It is particularly helpful that we can access materials to take away too, many thanks." Sue Connell , Wandsworth Council - 22 January 2018
"Difficult to find fault as the course was very well presented and covered all relevant issues." Andrea Hawkes - 21 January 2018
"I was initially a bit unsure of attachment and what it meant and whether it would apply to my class or children in my care, however I am so inspired and now more aware of how it can be shown in so many children in so many different ways. It has made me review my practice and how I will conduct myself in my class." Lois Ware - 19 January 2018
"I am becoming more aware of the triggers & circumstances that cause me to "flip my lid" and how this impacts on my state of mind when teaching a class. Being in touch with my "well regulated adult brain" helps me to be calm in the classroom and a better teacher." Siobhain Canney - 18 January 2018
"Excellent beyond words." Michelle Phillips - 16 January 2018
"One of the most inspiring courses I have been on. Kate is such an engaging speaker, I left feeling inspired and uplifted." Joanne Rochester - 15 January 2018
"I work with children on a regular basis who struggle with attachment and I now feel more knowledgeable and equipped to work with them." Gemma McCallum - 11 January 2018
"A great start to the beginning of term, really inspiring, I want to learn more! Thank you." Rebecca Collenette - 8 January 2018
"I have done quite a lot of private study on attachment, this study day had a slightly different perspective and was an excellent revision/consolodation experience." Marlene Pinnock , Charford First School - 8 January 2018
"Julie Revels is an excellent provider, very knowledgeable and really engaged everyone. Thanks for a great and interesting day!" KCA Course Participant - 4 January 2018
"Felicia Wood delivered the content in a very non-patronising and engaging way, being realistic about to what extent we would be able to use the ideas. I didn't feel like I was being preached at about how to be a better teacher; instead, I found the training incredibly interesting and motivating." KCA Course Participant - 2 January 2018
"Kate's real life experiences are very powerful and moving. Really puts theory into practice." KCA Course Participant - 8 December 2017
"I feel more confident to explain the benefits of five to thrive to the families I work with." Cathryne Hildreth - 5 December 2017
"The most relevant training I have received in a long time" KCA Course Participant - 4 December 2017
"I found this training very useful and very inspiring thank you!" KCA Course Participant - 3 December 2017
"Very, very informative and a must for people working with LAC students. I have recommended it to care homes and schools I work with" KCA Course Participant - 30 November 2017
"I have learnt so much more than I already thought I understood on the subject of Equality and Diversity. This new knowledge will allow me to make a huge difference to society and to my role as a Foster Carer." KCA Course Participant - 29 November 2017
"This was one of the best courses that I have been on and have already recommended it to others. Understanding children's behaviours is very challenging, but to understand how their brain works, makes understanding the reasons behind their behaviours so much clearer" Rebecca McKie - 26 November 2017
"I was inspired to return and convince my headteacher of the need for the whole school training on Attachment Awareness Schools." Attiya Khawaja - 22 November 2017
"Brian was fantastic and it was inspiring to hear of his real-life experiences. Thank you" Sarah Sivers - 20 November 2017
"I felt that both the presentation and content of this training was excellent. I learnt a lot from this training that I will definitely put into practice." Hanora McCool - 17 November 2017
"I felt that the trainer (Christina Enright) was captivating - her voice was very soothing and she engaged the group really well." KCA Course Participant - 15 November 2017
"Felicia is always a joy to listen to- her enthusiasm and way of making the content simply sound like common sense and an absolute must for all practitioners gives you the confidence to get out and share it!" Lucy Davies , ERW - 8 November 2017
"Jo McAndrews was excellent. She was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. She gave thought provoking ideas and was able to sensitively challenge preconceptions." KCA Course Participant - 6 November 2017
"The trainer was fantastic - very knowledgeable and personable." Alisha Scott , Lewisham Borough Council - 31 October 2017
"I could have listen to Felicia Wood all day, I thought she was brilliant. The only way this could have been any better for me is if I could have spent more of the day listening and talking to her." Kevin Bowen - 31 October 2017
"I am looking at how we can include five to thrive messages in our new group programme - Who am I?- aimed at adult probation service users" Guy Wiseman , Ormiston Families - 27 October 2017
"A wonderfully informative and inspiring day which gave us a great deal to think about - thank you" KCA Course Participant - 10 October 2017
"The course gave me 'permission' to take time with the deescalation and recovery for children - something that is usually rushed due to pressures to get through the curriculum." KCA Course Participant - 23 September 2017
"Very good training opportunity for anyone working in education." KCA Course Participant - 20 September 2017
"Asked to suggest course improvements: "None, it was extremely well delivered and interactive"" KCA Course Participant - 14 September 2017
"I have never been at a SENCO forum where everyone was silent and engaged. For me this was so many lightbulb moments and joining of dots. Amazing. Thank you" KCA Course Participant - 6 June 2017
"Very interesting and I am now inspired to try new techniques." KCA Course Participant - 31 May 2017
"Christina was an amazing, enthusiastic, knowledgeable trainer. Her knowledge was fantastic and her ability to communicate was second to none. Highly recommend her training!" KCA Course Participant - 23 May 2017
"I really enjoyed this course, I felt there were a lots of things that I can implement and I like the way it was delivered - having lots of discussions" Shannon Ryder-Garrett - 23 May 2017
"A fantastic course! very interesting and totally engaging throughout. Felicia was AMAZING! Very knowledgeable and explained things in layman's terms. I feel highly motivated and want others to share what I have just experienced." Lorna Wilkinson - 18 May 2017
"Excellent course. Very interesting and useful. Presentation by Sue was inspiring and motivating." KCA Course Participant - 15 May 2017
"All parents should have access to this!" KCA Course Participant - 1 May 2017
"Really well,delivered - high quality materials. A very worthwhile course - thank you!" Tony Sacco - 27 March 2017
"Absolutely inspiring and highly motivational. I have come away with lots of ideas and can't wait to put it all into practice. Thank you." KCA Course Participant - 24 March 2017
"This was probably the best training i have ever had in education (over 23 years!)." Lynette Holme - 17 February 2017
"As ever KCA provides an exceptional trainer" Sue Denholm , Nottinghamshire County Council - 20 January 2017
"Excellent delivery by Felicia Wood, superb subject knowledge and really good use of anecdotes to support learning." Peter Marrs - 15 January 2017
"Brilliant training. Really interesting. The facilitator really knew the subject matter and answered all questions really well." KCA Course Participant - 13 January 2017
"Julie was an excellent trainer, and I would appreciate learning more from her vast array and depth of experience. She made scientific stuff really accessible." KCA Course Participant - 11 January 2017
"Jo McAndrews was brilliant at delivering the course. She knew what she was doing, she was very friendly and positive. Her passion for five to thrive really helped. I think every parent should attend this course. Everyone would benefit from this." KCA Course Participant - 6 January 2017
"Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable experience; could have spent a good few more hours listening to Jane Evans." Patricia Chang , Hallfield Primary School - 5 January 2017
"The presenter was amazing and so knowledgeable and experienced." KCA Course Participant - 4 January 2017
"I think it is powerful to know now, as backed up by the science, that it is possible to make a difference for children even after traumatic or 'deprived' starts in life." KCA Course Participant - 20 December 2016
"I found day one of this course extremely useful. It is unusual to get such detailed theoretical knowledge about the science of learning. In particular, the exploration of the barriers to learning that traumatised children experience was of considerable benefit to my current thinking and the strategies we are developing in school to provide safe, caring environments." Angie Dabbs - 16 December 2016
"Thank you so much. I have learned so much over the different training events that I have attended. I hope to work with you again." Amanda Hubball - 13 December 2016
"An excellent day, so much to take back to my school." KCA Course Participant - 4 December 2016
"Essential training for teachers working with children who present with behavioural difficulties. This training challenges preconceptions and encourages you to think about your ways of working." KCA Course Participant - 2 December 2016
"Fab training! A great insight on how the brain works and how we can coach emotionally challenging children in schools. Have recommended the course to fellow colleagues." Sonam Dosanjh - 22 November 2016
"His presentation flowed because he was very knowledgable and could speak from experience. A perfect trainer on this course." Lorna Wilkinson - 22 November 2016
"The training event was excellent, I always look forward to KCA events, the topics are interesting, relevant and I always come away feeling I have learned something useful and want to try out something new. Thank you." Jeanette Nicholson , Croft Primary School - 21 November 2016
"Felicia was fantastic at delivering the information - she was funny, approachable and explained things in people friendly terms. I learnt so much and cannot wait to put it into practice!" Vicci Gibbons - 20 November 2016
"Jo was personable & reflective - she challenged participants in a non-judgemental way, which really supported our learning." KCA Course Participant - 17 November 2016
"Very well delivered. Best training I have received throughout my career in education." Danielle Ryan - 16 November 2016
"Very real and pertinent to the work that we do. Powerful in its directness and ability to stimulate grounded reflection" KCA Course Participant - 15 November 2016
"Christina Enright was excellent at delivering the training. She was fully equipped with loads of knowledge, helpful prompts and great willingness to talk and answer questions." Vishali Patel - 15 November 2016
"As the Nursery teacher, I feel the training provides me with a great opportunity for starting off emotion coaching with pupils in order to engage them in education and with the setting as soon as possible to facilitate a successful and enjoyable learning experience for each pupil." KCA Course Participant - 14 November 2016
"Very good. Clear and well-presented booklets. Very pleased to have the additional online user account - that is excellent. Thanks!" KCA Course Participant - 11 November 2016
"Presentation was engaging and easy to listen to. Content was completely relevant and flowed. Felicia Wood was fantastic!" KCA Course Participant - 10 November 2016
"The facilitator was easy to listen to and I found it motivating to want to learn more because of her passion and explanations on the subject." Jackie Hanley - 7 November 2016
"Fascinating course allowing huge insights to be made about the workings of the brain. Brilliantly presented." Julie Bloomfield - 4 November 2016
"In my role of Wellbeing Officer in a large primary school, I am continually being asked to provide support for children who have experienced some kind of trauma / attachment difficulties. This training has given me the confidence to ensure that I am supporting these young people in the most appropriate way and to meet their emotional needs." Ellie Hopkins - 3 November 2016
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it inspiring. It has made me rethink the language and approaches we use in our provision. The trainer's evident passion for helping these young people was evident and that is inspiring and motivating - teachers need to hear this proactive and positive talk." KCA Course Participant - 2 November 2016
"Attachment directly affects behaviour and this is where there are a lot of issues for families at the minute. Through providing them with this knowledge they can understand why their children behave the way they do. Awareness of attachment theory from birth can help to improve parent child relationships from the start which will have positive impacts throughout their life. Parents can make more informed choices about what activities they allow their children to engage in when they know how certain things such as computers impact on brain development. Knowledge is power and we can give this to families." Lauren Gray , Barnardo's - 14 October 2016
"Just fabulous - have heard Kate talk previously and felt just as inspired and even more informed. Thank you." KCA Course Participant - 12 October 2016
"I now feel confident to provide some understanding to parents of the impact of difficult life experiences on their children's brain development and function, and thereby help them to understand aspects of their children's behaviour and teach strategies to assist them." KCA Course Participant - 11 October 2016
"I am a Foster Carer with a child undergoing an FASD assessment who also has Global Learning Delay. This has given me lots of advice and ideas of how to help." Jan Bacchus - 10 October 2016
"Many of our children and families have attachment issues. I now have a better understanding of how important it is for the adult to be resilient." Judith Edwards - 5 October 2016
"Awesome - lovely balance between the why and the how. Clearly presented in a way that made it accessible yet informative." Lynette Lewington - 4 October 2016
"Brilliant, thank you. For years I have known that the caring approach is right for me but have battled against colleagues who have felt that children should conform and that spending time talking things through with children took up too much teaching time. I feel so inspired and can't wait to get back to school and persuade everyone that this is the way to go! Keep up the fantastic work, Felicia and Kate." Tracy Vials - 3 October 2016
"Jane's enthusiasm of the subject shone through, Jane is clearly very passionate and dedicated and I found her delivery to be great. Lots of laughs, great to network and to gain more information. Thank you Jane!" Penny Woods - 28 September 2016
"Felicia Wood was an extremely inspiring lady who shared her passion and made the course extremely interesting." Carol Holmes - 22 September 2016
"This course was delivered in a fantastic way. The anecdotal examples of the speaker were really useful and thought-provoking." Katie Brazier - 12 September 2016
"A wonderful opportunity to work flexibly with the highly skilled trainer. As a school leader I particularly welcomed the way in which Lisa enabled us to work together as a staff team and was mindful of the school agenda for change and inclusion. This couldnt have been better timed or delivered. Thank you Lisa!" Lesley Dolben - 10 September 2016
"The training was excellent, delivered by trainers (Julie and Sue) who are clearly passionate about the content and not merely delivering it." Catherine Khan , Oakfield Community Primary School - 6 September 2016
"The course was taught very well with a wide variety of activities and information that made complex subject matters digestible." Connor Bell - 3 September 2016
"This was a fantastic course, gave a truly inspiring insight in supporting individuals, attachment awareness, brain development and personal reflection. Loved every second of It!" KCA Course Participant - 2 September 2016
"Found it interesting and beneficial. An informative introduction to the world of fostering." KCA Course Participant - 24 August 2016
"I am now able to value the importance of all who are involved in the planning of contacts, and will utilise supervision more so that it includes discussions around contact, impact of contact on myself as well as the child." KCA Course Participant - 19 August 2016
"I felt that the course content and presentation were a perfect balance of theory, exercises and ideas to put learning into practice." Jackie Heath - 25 July 2016
"I loved this course, one of the best I've been on. It made so much sense & has changed the way I think about situations not only in school but in other aspects of my life. I felt inspired." KCA Course Participant - 25 July 2016
"Jane Evans was inspirational to listen to - very knowledgeable" KCA Course Participant - 22 July 2016
"The course leader delivered the training in an interesting and enthusiastic way. She used a variety of activities and video clips, and also talked from her own experience. I left, at the end of the day, with a renewed energy, feeling that it was important for others in my setting to develop working more this way, and considering how I can pass on to them what i have learned." Beverly Keen - 21 July 2016
"A wonderful training session lead by an enthusiastic course leader, so pleased to see that the emotional wellbeing of a child is beginning to be vital in our training in early years." Amanda Rudkin - 15 July 2016
"Brilliant. I could relate the content to children I have fostered. When I asked Renee to expand on the activities she had spoken about she gave me practical ideas for working to help my children. So appreciated, Thank you Renee." Marita Beardow - 10 July 2016
"Loved it! The best training I've had in a long while." Sarah Barton - 7 July 2016
"She was one of the best trainers I have come across in 32 yrs of therapy" Lin Lee - 6 July 2016
"Felicia was an engaging presenter who struck the right balance between humour and the serious subject matter." KCA Course Participant - 30 June 2016
"The trainer was excellent and very inspiring" Roisin O'Neill , Barnardo's - 27 June 2016
"Jo McAndrews was great! Full of energy, very knowledgable and passionate about the course." KCA Course Participant - 21 June 2016
"I told my agency it was the best course I had ever been on." KCA Course Participant - 20 June 2016
"Some of the best training I've attended in 14 years in childcare." Sue Owen - 9 June 2016
"I appreciated the fact that the presenter had a teaching background. This allowed her to give examples relevant to schools and contextualised the training in a way that will benefit us moving forward." KCA Course Participant - 1 June 2016