A journey of knowledge and reflective practice

KCA’s training starts with an in-depth look at the development needs of an organisation and the way in which training will contribute to practice outcomes.

'It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.'

Ernest Hemingway

We believe that a ‘whole systems’ approach is fundamental to creating sustained, systemic change and therefore seek to impact on organisational:

  • culture, through developing shared understanding and knowledge;
  • practice, through supporting the application of knowledge to practice;
  • structures, through supporting leaders to consider mechanisms to support sustainability, such as Champions models and policy development; and
  • review systems, through ensuring the impact of our input is evaluated.

Our co-creation approach ensures that we work with our commissioners to develop learning inputs that meet the needs of their learners and promote social enquiry, experiential learning and skill development through connected learning. We achieve this by creating blended learning journeys that use face to face training (where permitted), webinars, online web-tutorials, e-learning, online mentoring and associated resources to support learning, facilitate discussion and encourage practice sharing.

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'Rarely have I attended training where I feel there are so many points which I can implement as of tomorrow. A superb session with lots of immediate positive feedback from colleagues around me.’

Participant of KCA training from a Virtual School, February 2021

KCA has invested in our own in-house learning management system, KCA Connected, to support the delivery and management of learning journeys. This ensures a streamlined workflow, maximum data security, and minimum overhead on administration and communications. Our system also enables us to offer organisations effective event registration processes, promotional design and longitudinal impact evaluation.

To read more about how KCA Connected can support your learning journey visit here.

Our Trainer Consultants and Associates deliver training on a range of subjects, the most popular including:

  • Building and maintaining resilient communities
  • Understanding brain development and optimal brain function
  • Understanding trauma and promoting recovery from toxic stress
  • Attachment and brain development, and behaviour as the communication of a need
  • Understanding challenging behaviour
  • Understanding secondary trauma and promoting resilience in the workforce
  • Understanding emotions and how to manage them (Emotion Coaching)
  • Supporting vulnerable children and families

Please get in touch for details of our full training offer.

Kate wilts ftt sept 22

'A great course, well presented with great visuals. The breakout rooms were great and the variation of activities. This was the best virtual course I have attended.'

Wiltshire early years, primary and secondary schools, November 2020

Learning Journeys

Once we have a clear understanding of the training needs and the target audience, we will develop a learning journey that offers the best fit in terms of cost, target audience and practice development.

Learning journeys are made up of a range of learning inputs dependant on the needs of the commissioner.

  • Face to face events (conferences, seminars, workshops and consultancy sessions)
  • Webinars for small service, specific groups to multi-agency audiences of up to 500
  • Web-tutorials/workshops to support discussion and reflective practice
  • Pre-recorded webcasts/video
  • E-learning
  • System leader events
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