International Schools

Supporting International School Communities

KCA recognises that International school communities face unique challenges in addition to those faced by all education settings.

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Schools are busy places filled with a wonderfully diverse range of individuals, some of whom have experienced significant adversity or who have complex needs, and some of whom are simply growing up in stressful or unsupportive environments at times. This can have an impact on mental health, behaviour and learning for many students, and also on the wellbeing of staff.

The culturally diverse, and often transient, international population sits within and alongside the local community, and must constantly shift to find a balance between local and expatriate expectations and support systems. The concept of 'third culture kids' must be considered, and cultural sensitivity given to student and family liaison. Many students rely not only on parents for support but also on domestic employees or on Boarding House staff, and thus the need for recognition that communication and emotional support is essential but can come in many forms.

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Members of the community experience frequent disruption and changes to their social network of support, and must repair and rebuild their supportive networks to adapt to the somewhat transient nature of international school life.

KCA's knowledge base and resources for building resilient communities recognises these challenges and provides the support that communities come to rely on. We also recognise that trauma is as much a part of International communities as it is anywhere else, but that there are often fewer services to lean on for support - KCA can share transformative knowledge and help apply this to practice so that a network of resilience is built around all individuals in the community, from the youngest to the eldest, so that needs are met and recovery from trauma is supported.

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Our training and consultancy offers key knowledge to support practice, including:

  • Attachment and brain development
  • Mending Hurts; the trauma recovery model
  • Community resilience and connected relationships
  • Creating connections; action plans for supporting vulnerable children
  • Promoting adaptive behaviour; managing transitions
  • The prevention and management of secondary trauma within the workforce

Once we have a clear understanding of the training needs and the target audience, we will develop a learning journey that offers the best fit in terms of cost, target audience and practice development.

Using virtual platforms for consultancy sessions, webinars, or interactive reflective tutorials, and with video learning bites plus accredited e-learning also available, we work with our customers and commissioners to co-creatively design a learning journey of inputs that meets needs and achieves the desired outcomes.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how we can support you to meet the needs of your staff and students, and indeed the wider community. Email: Tel: +441453 488400

International Schools

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