Working towards a more in depth understanding

KCA offers qualifications accredited by SFJ Awards, a national Awarding Body, at Level 3 and Level 4 in working with vulnerable and traumatised children and young people and their families. These can be used by organisations and individuals across the UK.

'Knowledge can be transformative. When it enables us to make sense of the world in new ways, we can begin to act in new ways and we can change the world.'

Kate Cairns

Supporting all KCA's core curriculum, these qualifications are a valuable resource for individuals or institutions to demonstrate their professional expertise across attachment, trauma and resilience.

This core curriculum provides a holistic understanding of human development and our life-long need for connected relationships to maintain optimal brain function and prosocial behaviour.

Quals 1

Focus on developing practice

The Level 3 certificate is aimed at ensuring that practitioners apply their learning directly to practice with assignments drawing on current work situations, demonstrating application of theory to this practice. Practitioners are then required to produce a written case study demonstrating outcomes of this practice development.

The Level 4 award and certificate focus on strategic application of the learning with assignments requiring candidates to produce a piece of original action research.

List of qualifications