Vulnerability, trauma and recovery

Audience Children's workforce
Course Level 4
Hours 20

Learning criteria

  • Analyse
  • with reference to current research
  • how trauma may affect key areas of children and young people\u2019s development
  • Explain the key difficulties that may affect traumatised children and young people
  • Consider key principles in promoting recovery from trauma
  • Explain the phases of recovery from trauma describing how you can encourage and support children and young people through the recovery process
  • helping them to overcome setbacks.
  • Explain how working actively with others in the network helps children and young people with their recovery from trauma
  • Analyse and reflect on how you can most effectively advocate on behalf of children and young people to ensure their needs are met in relation to recovery from trauma
  • Explain how policy and guidance impacts on your service at a national level
  • and evaluate how this affects local provision.
  • Explain how policies within your setting promote or could be enabled to better promote a positive environment in terms of recovery from trauma

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the impact of unregulated stress on brain development and function
  • Be able to develop skills in promoting recovery for traumatised children and young people
  • Understand how systems and processes promote recovery from trauma or reinforce disorder