The role of the foster carer

Audience Foster carers
Course Level 3
Hours 10

Learning criteria

  • Identify relevant legislation
  • policies and procedures relating to foster care and know how to find further information
  • Explain the overall aims of your fostering service
  • and explain the role and responsibilities of foster carers.
  • Explain the importance of agency policies and procedures (including complaints and allegations)
  • Explain how you can build individual and family resilience to mitigate the impact of living and working with traumatised children and young people
  • Reflect on how you can contribute to teamwork as part of the foster care team
  • Explain how you can contribute to the planning process for children and young people
  • including your participation in meetings and reviews

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the context of foster care: legislation; agency policies and procedures; roles and responsibilities
  • Understand working as part of the foster care team