Sexualised behaviour

Audience Foster carers, Social workers, Specialist school staff
Course Level 4
Hours 20

Learning criteria

  • Explain the impact of attachments based on sexual abuse
  • Explain the long and short term effects of sexual trauma (including the impact on thoughts feelings and behaviours)
  • Explain why children and young people who have been sexually abused are overwhelmed by shame
  • Describe key skills needed in order to work effectively and safely with children and young people who display sexualised behaviour
  • Explore some of the particular issues in working safely with disabled children and young people
  • Analyse how working practices and attitudes in the network around the child can impact on outcomes.
  • Evaluate how you contribute to effective teamwork and network structures to manage risk and promote recovery

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the impact of sexual trauma on children and young people
  • Be able to demonstrate strategies to enable others to develop appropriate boundaries in relation to sexual behaviour
  • Understand how systems and processes promote recovery from sexual trauma or reinforce disorder