Secondary trauma

Audience Children's workforce
Course Level 3
Hours 10

Learning criteria

  • Identify key members of the network surrounding a traumatised child or young person
  • Describe the signs and indicators of secondary traumatic stress (STS) for individuals and within the network
  • identifying factors which increase resilience
  • Explain the risk factors for disorder (STSD) developing from secondary stress (STS)
  • Outline the key factors which promote recovery from STS and STSD
  • Describe how to promote resilience to secondary stress
  • Explain how to promote awareness of secondary traumatic stress disorders
  • Describe how to promote effective teamwork and structures to prevent and aid recovery from secondary stress (STS) and secondary stress disorders (STSD)

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the impact of living and working with traumatised children and young people
  • Understand how to help prevent and manage secondary trauma in your settting