Foetal exposure to alcohol

Audience Foster carers, Early years workers, School staff, Social workers
Course Level 3
Hours 20

Learning criteria

  • Explain current theories and research around causes and prevalence of FASD
  • Identify signs and indicators of FAS and FASD
  • Explore the importance of early identification of FASD in improving the long term treatment outcomes
  • Reflect on how you can work positively and effectively to enable children and young people with FASD to manage impairments and build on strengths
  • Explain the value of working in multi-disciplinary teams in providing the most effective long \u2013term provision for FASD sufferers

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the lifelong impact of foetal exposure to alcohol
  • Understand ways of working to the benefit of children and young people with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)