Equality and diversity in professional practice

Audience Children's workforce
Course Level 4
Hours 20

Learning criteria

  • Explain what is meant by the terms equality and diversity
  • Analyse the impact of legislation and codes of practice on the promotion of equality
  • diversity and inclusion in your own work setting
  • Explain different types of prejudice and discrimination which can affect children and young people
  • Describe effective interventions in promoting equality and respect for diversity
  • Explain how you can support and encourage children and young people to develop skills to deal with discrimination
  • enhance self-worth and make a positive contribution
  • Analyse how systems and processes can promote equality or reinforce discrimination
  • Describe how to challenge and support others to challenge exclusion and discrimination in ways that promote change and promote empowerment

Learning outcomes

  • Understand key issues in equality and diversity
  • Be able to develop skills in anti-discriminatory practice and promoting respect for diversity
  • Understand how to develop systems and processes that promote equality and diversity