Child sexual exploitation

Audience Children's workforce
Course Level 3
Hours 10

Learning criteria

  • Identify the scale and wider context of child sexual exploitation
  • learning from serious case reviews in the UK
  • Identify relevant legislation
  • current policy and guidance frameworks and key definitions of CSE set out within them
  • Explain the factors that make children and young people vulnerable to CSE and identify higher risk groups
  • Explain the risks of stereotypes and myths about CSE
  • Identify how to recognise signs and indicators of CSE and your responsibilities within your role to ensure that children and young people are kept safe from harm
  • Explain the specific support needs of those involved in living and working with victims of CSE
  • and the importance of effective teamwork and multi-agency working

Learning outcomes

  • Understand child sexual exploitation
  • Understand ways to develop your role within your organisation in relation to child sexual exploitation