Child-centred assessment

Audience Social Workers, CAF Staff, Family Liaison workers, Community Liaison workers, Independent Reviewing Officers
Course Level 3
Hours 10

Learning criteria

  • Explain the value of a child centred model of assessment and planning
  • Outline how to identify the needs of children and young people
  • Explain the importance of working with others to assess the needs of children and young people to inform planning
  • Summarise the importance of permanency planning for children and young people
  • Describe how you engage with children or young people and their carers in expressing their needs and aspirations to inform planning
  • Reflect on how you might develop a plan with a child or young person and others in the network to meet their needs with a focus on the achievement of positive outcomes

Learning outcomes

  • Understand key issues in keeping children at the centre of assessment
  • Understand how you can develop skills in making child-centred assessments