Building individual and community resilience

Audience Children's workforce
Course Level 4
Hours 20

Learning criteria

  • Explain key factors in resilience including how being resilient contributes to recovery after trauma
  • Clarify information about the different levels of the ecology of human development at which resilience factors operate
  • Demonstrate how you can use resilience mapping to assess resilience in different domains and at different levels
  • Explain how assessing and mapping resilience can help children and young people to build their own resilience
  • Discuss how you can work with key people to help them better understand and promote resilience for a child or young person
  • Analyse strengths and weakness of working practices in terms of supporting or having negative impact on the resilience of workers

Learning outcomes

  • Understand key issues in building resilience throughout childhood
  • Be able to develop skills in working with children and young people to build resilience
  • Understand how systems and processes can promote resilience or reinforce vulnerability