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Since 2011, Knowledge Change Action have been working with the Children's workforce across the country to achieve breakthrough outcomes for children experiencing significant adversity. We understand that this requires that we support the adults who care for children and young people to transform their own lives.

At KCA we understand that trauma is not what happened to you, but rather what happens inside of you, as you make sense of what you experienced. Many people believe trauma originates from a big event, but it can also come from overwhelm and stress. Let's be honest, the last 4 years have been stressful for everyone; our children have experienced a global pandemic, home schooling, a cost of living crisis affecting household instability, and they have been witness to troubling global events. What children need in these circumstances is adults who can offer co-regulation, but sadly many of us adults have also been affected by the same things, leaving us overwhelmed! These combined factors are impacting on the health and wellbeing of children and young people and of the workforce who want to support them.

We can help you and your team better understand how the brain really works and how to build a culture of care and compassion that helps everyone recover and heal.

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"KCA really helped me to understand the importance of creating a feeling of safety when working with those who have experienced trauma, and our ability to remain stable ourselves."

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