Collective trauma and its impact on motivation

In recent months we have found increasing numbers or people in a variety of organisations have shared how they and their colleagues were experiencing burnout. Jobs which they used loved to do are no longer bringing joy.

This is reflected in the employment crisis facing schools and social care, where it is increasingly difficult to recruit people. It is now not uncommon for schools to advertise Teaching Assistant/ Partner roles and not getting any applicants. Of course low salaries and high cost of living is certainly a major issue, but could it also be people are struggling to find motivation following 3 years of collective trauma, from both the pandemic and subsequent issues we face as a society. We can’t serve children and vulnerable people well, unless we can support those in those vital caring roles to reconnect with their motivation and feel joy in their work again.

Rich Holmes and Kate Cairns explore this topic in their recent video conversation on motivation and transformation. Grab a cuppa and listen in as they discuss how we move toward radical cooperation.