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"Achieving breakthrough outcomes for children experiencing significant adversity requires that we support the adults who care for them to transform their own lives."
From report ´┐ŻBest Practices to Breakthrough Impacts´┐Ż, Harvard 2016

Working with vulnerable and traumatised children and young people

Certificate | Level: 3 | Credits: 14 | Hours:

This 14-credit certificate comprises three mandatory units.

The qualification is designed for those who have experience of working in the children''s workforce and who are looking to develop knowledge and skills in working with those children and young people who are most vulnerable and traumatised. The qualification will benefit learners by introducing them to key theories and best practice examples and encouraging teamworking, innovation and reflective practice.

The course is ideal for learners who are wanting examples of practical strategies, backed by a powerful but straightforward theory base around attachment, trauma and resilience. To complete the qualification they must be working with children or young people, e.g.in education, as a foster carer, or as a youth worker.

Unit 1:Promoting attachment relationships 4 credits

Group 1 (4 credits required)
Attachment and brain development (L3) 2 credits
Brain development and positive parenting (L3) 1 credit
Emotion coaching (L3) 1 credit

Unit 2: Promoting recovery from toxic stress 5 credits

Group 1 (5 credits required)
Behaviour and the physical environment (L3) 1 credit
Secondary trauma (L3) 2 credits
Understanding trauma (L3) 2 credits

Unit 3: Building resilience 5 credits

Group 1 (5 credits required)
Building resilience (L3) 2 credits
Equality and diversity (L3) 2 credits
Transitions and vulnerability (L3) 1 credit