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"Achieving breakthrough outcomes for children experiencing significant adversity requires that we support the adults who care for them to transform their own lives."
From report 'Best Practices to Breakthrough Impacts', Harvard 2016

The Role of the Early Years SENCo: Whole setting practice

Award | Level: 3 | Credits: 4 | Hours:

The focus of this 60 hour (TQT) Award is on promoting improvements in inclusive practice across the Early Years setting. The content develops the learners’ understanding of the range of responsibilities of the role of the early years SENCO: from legal obligations in supporting EY children with SEND and their families to the importance of reflective development of self in order to be better equipped to support colleagues.

Award assessment 4 credits

Group 1 (4 credits required)
EY Supporting colleagues in their work with children with SEND (L3) 2 credits
EY The role of the early years SENCO (L3) 2 credits