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"Achieving breakthrough outcomes for children experiencing significant adversity requires that we support the adults who care for them to transform their own lives."
From report ´┐ŻBest Practices to Breakthrough Impacts´┐Ż, Harvard 2016

Working with the Effects of Parental Issues

Award | Level: 3 | Credits: 4 | Hours:

This award will provide candidates with an understanding of the impact on children of parental issues. These include the effects of FASD on children which results from parental use of alcohol during pregnancy, and a range of difficulties and challenges when parents suffer from mental health issues and domestic violence. Learners will also consider how they can ways to develop their understanding of positive interventions.

Award assessment 4 credits

Group 1 (4 credits required)
Domestic violence (L3) 1 credit
Foetal exposure to alcohol (L3) 2 credits
Parental mental health issues (L3) 1 credit