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"Achieving breakthrough outcomes for children experiencing significant adversity requires that we support the adults who care for them to transform their own lives."
From report ´┐ŻBest Practices to Breakthrough Impacts´┐Ż, Harvard 2016

Contact Issues and Sexualised Behaviours

Award | Level: 3 | Credits: 4 | Hours:

This award will provide candidates with an understanding of the role and responsibilities of being a foster carer, together with understanding of specific issues which can cause challenges in placements. Learners will also consider ways to develop their understanding of interventions which can help.

Award assessment 4 credits

Group 1 (4 credits required)
Contact in foster care (L3) 1 credit
Sexualised behaviour: Issues in foster care (L3) 1 credit
The role of the foster carer (L3) 2 credits