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"Achieving breakthrough outcomes for children experiencing significant adversity requires that we support the adults who care for them to transform their own lives."
From report 'Best Practices to Breakthrough Impacts', Harvard 2016


KCA now offers the only qualifications accredited by a national Awarding Body at Level 3 and Level 4 in Working with vulnerable and traumatised children and young people (and their families). These can be used by organisations and individuals across the UK.

Supporting all of KCA's core curriculum, these qualifications are a valuable new resource for individuals or institutions to demonstrate their professional expertise across Attachment, Trauma and Resilience.

The qualifications are assessed and verified entirely online, and based on content from KCA's well-regarded e-learning system, making them especially useful when job roles or circumstances prohibit classroom learning. However, KCA can offer organisations additional support via either face-to-face learning groups or online web tutorials with an expert facilitator, offering a truly customised, blended learning approach.

learning and assessment methods

Learning is unit based and can be completed entirely online, offering the flexibility for qualifications to be achieved around existing work commitments:

  • KCA e-learning courses are combined to produce the learning content for qualifications.
  • The online journal entries within the e-learning courses build a portfolio of evidence directly addressing the assessment criteria for the qualification
  • A written assignment for the unit produced within the system links learning to practice to complete the process
  • All communication between the assessor and candidate takes place within the secure online system where assessment decisions are also recorded and tracked.

For those who prefer classroom-based study there are opportunities for blended learning, as all KCA events draw from the broad curriculum underpinning these qualifications. We run open courses with links to specific units, and can also provide bespoke training sessions for organisations or localities where this is useful.


Our standard pricing for qualifications is as below. This fee includes all of the e-learning materials, assessment and verification.

  • Level 3 Award: £600
  • Level 3 Certificate: £1,400
  • Level 4 Award: £700
  • Level 4 Certificate £1,600

list of qualifications

Level 3

Our Level 3 qualifications are suitable for adults working and/or living with children and young people - a wide range of people that could include classroom teachers, mentors, tutors, early help service workers, behaviour support assistants, foster carers, early years workers, etc.



Level 4

Our Level 4 qualifications are appropriate for experienced/specialist practitioners working directly and/or strategically with children, young people and their families. This could include those with mentoring or training roles, virtual school staff, or graduate professionals seeking personal and professional development.



Vocational qualification types and levels

The level of a qualification relates to the level of difficulty of work required. In total there are 9 levels, with Entry Level as the easiest and Level 8 the most difficult. It would be possible for one candidate to hold a Level 3 Award and a Level 3 Certificate in the same overall subject. Indeed KCA offer a core Certificate at Level 3 as well as a number of individual Awards. The content is different for each qualification - but it has been agreed that they each carry the same level of difficulty.

The type of qualification (Award, Certificate, Diploma) is determined by size, not complexity.

To check equivalencies for different levels you can link to the www.gov.uk site here:

Customised qualifications

All customised qualifications are qualifications that have been prepared to meet specific vocational needs and are exclusively used by the centre that develops them. KCA systems and materials are custom designed to offer learning firmly based in best practice in working with vulnerable children and young people, underpinned by current research. No other organisation can offer KCA customised qualifications without our prior approval.

When developing and accrediting a customised qualification the Awarding Body, Industry Qualifications (iQ), helped KCA to formalise the specification of learning outcomes, assessment criteria and assessments. Candidates are quality assured in the same way as any qualification delivered by iQ on the regulated framework.