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Learning management

For learning and development to be really effective, it's not enough just to provide training opportunities, no matter how informative or inspiring. To change practice across organisations - and to make sure investment in training is having the intended impact - you need really good information on both output and outcomes.

In running our training programmes, KCA has invested in our own in-house management systems. These ensure a streamlined workflow, maximum data security, and minimum overhead on administration and communications. To provide the management information our customers need, we have opened up key elements of our systems so that they can put our technology to work on their behalf. This means that commissioners have real-time visibility of the logistics around training events - online registration, participant lists, logistics and evaluations - and that much of the administration of our connected learning can be carried out directly by our customers.

At its most collaborative, our work with partner organisations goes well beyond what KCA provides directly. We are working with a number of partners on pioneering shared-provision approaches, where our systems and resources support training delivered either by our associates or by in-house staff. For more detail, see our case studies page.

Finally, we can provide additional services to those organisations who want more rigorous data on impact and outcomes. While our e-learning and face-to-face courses have built-in participant evaluation, we can also add in bespoke web-based surveys for longitudinal studies and contribute our own statistical analysis of data if required.