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Child development

Level: 3 | Modules: 1 | Hours: 10

Everyone who works with children and young people needs to understand child development. This course introduces key concepts, and provides a framework for recognising healthy development and for picking up any areas of concern. It is essential knowledge for the whole workforce.

Target audience: Children's workforce

Learning outcomes / assessment criteria

  1. Understand key theories of child development
    1. Identify the expected pattern of development for children and young people
    2. Summarise the factors that influence children and young people’s development and how these affect practice
    3. Explain the importance of early intervention to support the developmental needs of children and young people
  2. Understand how you can develop skills in assessing development
    1. Outline different ways to monitor children and young people’s development
    2. Explain how different types of interventions can promote positive outcomes for children and young people where development is not following the expected pattern

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