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Making safe connections – the digital revolution, neuroscience and human attachment needs

Level: 3 | Modules: 1 | Hours: 10

This course considers how understanding the neuroscience of attachment can inform the debate about the potential risks of digital media.
The aim is to support adults to identify benefits and risks from using screen based activities, develop positive interventions and help the most vulnerable and traumatised children (and adults) to build resilience

Target audience: Children's workforce

Learning outcomes / assessment criteria

  1. Understand how issues in the safe use of social media relate to human attachment needs
    1. Describe key issues in the growth and development in social media and screen based activities in relation to protecting children from harm
    2. Explain the neuroscience of attachment and the potential impact of screen based activity on nurture needs
    3. Consider the benefits and potential risks of digital media for different groups of children and young people
  2. Understand ways to promote the safe use of social media in working with vulnerable children and young people
    1. Reflect on ways in which adults work to reduce risks in relation to digital media for vulnerable children and young people
    2. Identify interventions which can support positive practice and build resilience for vulnerable children and young people and the adults living / working with them

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