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Foetal exposure to alcohol

Level: 3 | Modules: 1 | Hours: 20

This level 3 course takes a wide look at FASD. examining the lifelong impact of foetal exposure to alcohol,
It aims to provide ideas for positive strategies for working more effectively with children and young people affected by FASD

Target audience: Foster carers | Early years workers | School staff | Social workers

Learning outcomes / assessment criteria

  1. Understand the lifelong impact of foetal exposure to alcohol
    1. Explain current theories and research around causes and prevalence of FASD
    2. Identify signs and indicators of FAS and FASD
    3. Explore the importance of early identification of FASD in improving the long term treatment outcomes
  2. Understand ways of working to the benefit of children and young people with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)
    1. Reflect on how you can work positively and effectively to enable children and young people with FASD to manage impairments and build on strengths
    2. Explain the value of working in multi-disciplinary teams in providing the most effective long –term provision for FASD sufferers

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