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Narrative work

Level: 3 | Modules: 1 | Hours: 10

Our identity as human beings is built upon the story we tell ourselves in making sense of our lives. Children who have lived through adversity in their early experience often cannot create a positive narrative. The story they tell themselves is harmful and negative. This module enables to understand the importance of narrative, and to develop skills in helping children and young people to create a strong and positive narrative for themselves.

Target audience: Foster carers | Adopters | School support staff

Learning outcomes / assessment criteria

  1. Understand how childhood trauma affects the creation of life narrative
    1. Explain how narrative forms part of child development
    2. Identify key dimensions of child development and narrative formation
    3. Explain how childhood trauma can affect narrative formation
    4. Identify key elements of formal and informal life story work in helping children build narrative
  2. Understand ways in which you can develop skills in narrative work
    1. Describe how you can enable children and young people with impaired narrative formation to begin to make sense of their lives
    2. Show how you can work with children and young people with distorted narratives to develop a strong and positive sense of identity

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