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Contact in foster care

Level: 3 | Modules: 1 | Hours: 10

Contact between children and young people and members of their birth family is one of the most important, and often painful, issues faced by foster families. This course enables carers and others involved in foster care to understand key issues, and to develop skills in promoting positive contact.

Target audience: Foster carers | Social workers | School staff

Learning outcomes / assessment criteria

  1. Understand key issues in contact in foster care
    1. Explain why contact with their family and friends is important for separated children and young people
    2. Explain the complexity of issues affecting positive outcomes for contact
    3. Explain the procedures and processes of planning contact, including assessment of risks and identifying key people involved
  2. Understand ways in which you can promote positive contact
    1. Explain the role of the carers and other key people involved in helping separated children and young people to maintain contact with their families and friends
    2. Identify issues in children and young people’s confidentiality when communicating with parents, families and friends

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