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No significant learning happens without a significant relationship.
James Comer

Courageous Leadership

Building Resilient Learning Communities

28 February 2018 (Reading)

These conferences invite school leaders to consider their pivotal role in building and maintaining resilient learning communities. Such communities are the foundation for school improvement, for narrowing the gap, and for promoting the emotional well-being and mental health of all.

Target audience: Head teachers · School SMT · Managers of MATs · Virtual School staff · Pastoral leads


Leading a school requires resilience, innovation and courage. Resilience is at the heart of communities that relish challenges and which grow through adversity rather than firefight.

Key topics explored at this first Courageous Leadership conference include:

  • how leaders can develop resilient cultures which thrive on challenge
  • examples of practice where resilient cultures have met targets through developing relationships
  • how difficult conversations are necessary and and can support emotional mental health and well-being
  • how neuroscience can help us to understand the interplay between stress, toxic stress, resilience and the neurophysiology of relationships

With knowledge of these areas, senior leaders can develop strategies which promote effective connections with and between staff, pupils and the wider community. In so doing, we establish courageous cultures of success and innovation.

key speakers

  • Mary Myatt
    Education advisor, writer, speaker, author
  • Kate Cairns
    Chair of the board, KCA
  • Sue Egersdorff
    National leader in Early Years research and practice
  • Tony Clifford
    Educational advisor, Trustee of the ARC
  • Mike Gorman
    Former Headteacher and Virtual School Head, BaNES
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