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Our work in other sectors

A growing number of people are becoming aware that any settings or organisations which provide services for vulnerable people need to understand the importance of attachment relationships, the impact of trauma and how to build resilience. KCA has been involved in training across a range of service providers, raising awareness and inspiring transformative thinking and innovative practice.

youth justice

Children and young people who live with unmet attachment needs or toxic stress cannot regulate their own impulses or communicate their own distress. Their behaviour may be distressing to others, leading to them entering the criminal justice system. It is important for staff in Youth Justice Services to recognise the origins of offending behaviour, and to develop skills in enabling traumatised children and young people to become more able to self-regulate and therefore to manage their own behaviour. Key knowledge areas include:

third-sector organisations

Drug and alcohol services, housing providers, self-help organisations for abuse survivors, therapy services, adoption support services, and a whole range of other organisations providing services for vulnerable groups have all discovered the benefit of developing an understanding of the impact of unmet attachment needs and toxic stress. Key knowledge areas include: