Cover image - The Brightness of Stars

The Brightness of Stars
Stories of Adults Who Came Through the Care System

Lisa Cherry, with a foreword by Kate Cairns

There is little information collected about the experience of those in care at their point of entry to the system, and none collected from the adults who have experienced being in care and then had the opportunity to reflect on what happened and who could perhaps make a contribution to policy making.

Lisa Cherry candidly explores her own experiences and enables others to reflect on theirs in a book which focuses on the adult voices of those who have experienced the care system. Through the personal insights and reflections of those who were once a looked after child, these often unheard stories are brought vividly to life.

These are stories about love and pain; hurt and isolation; the depth of lived experience that makes up a life; the big things and the little things; how we live our lives through our relationships with others; and where we feel we fit in. Through these stories we can provide some thought-provoking information and recommendations for all those who work directly with young people.

About the author

Lisa Cherry is a leading international trainer and consultant, specialising in assisting professionals working with vulnerable children and families to understand trauma, recovery and resilience. Lisa brings nearly three decades of working in Educational and Social Care settings and a 28-year journey of recovery in overcoming her own experiences of being in care and all that that brought with it.

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