Questionnaire summary:

Headstart Kent - Event registration

[Note: Questions in red require an answer]

1. About you

  1. In which of the nine HeadStart Kent local groupings do you work? Please tick all that apply.
    Options [multiple selection]: Swale | Gravesham | Ashford | Shepway | Canterbury | Thanet | Maidstone | Dover | Tonbridge and Malling
    NOTE: You can register for training in another local grouping to the one where you work, but we need to monitor the numbers being trained from each area.
  2. What type of organisation do you work in?
    Options [single selection]: School | Community organisation | Other
  3. How would you rate your current understanding of how to use resilience domains in your practice with children and young people?
    Options [single selection]:
  4. Please provide a brief outline of any previous training you have attended in relation to resilience domains: [Free text]
  5. How often do you currently use the resilience domains approach in your work?
    Options [single selection]:
  6. How confident do you currently feel about using the resilience domains approach in your practice?
    Options [single selection]:
  7. How confident do you currently feel about explaining to others how they could use resilience domains?
    Options [single selection]:
  8. What changes would you hope to see (for you or the children or young people you work with) as a result of using the resilience domains approach? [Free text]