our associates

Each of our associates has years of excellence in practice, using the theory and research that underpins our training and consultancy to inform their own work.

They come from a variety of backgrounds: foster care, early years, teaching, therapy, social work, psychology, health and justice. Many of them have moved between disciplines, as their interests have taken them in different directions. What they all offer is a wealth of practical experience, both in direct work with vulnerable people, and in sharing their knowledge and wisdom with others.

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Interested in becoming an associate?

If you have a commitment to sharing transformative knowledge with those who work with children and families, and experience of training or consultancy as well as direct work, then becoming an associate with KCA may appeal.

For more information or to express your interest, please contact us. We will then review your CV, discuss your experience and explore the potential for working together.

Brian Roberts

Photo - Brian Roberts

Brian is an independent consultant and trainer on supporting vulnerable and traumatised children and young people. His teaching career of over 25 years culminated in being Head of Virtual School in two English local authorities, and he was one of the Heads who was on the Department for Children, Schools and Families national pilot. He was England's only Advanced Skills Teacher for Enterprise Education and Student Voice and Leadership and in this capacity worked with many national organisations to promote student voice.

Brian has also been a Local Authority foster carer and Special Guardian for over 20 years, providing with his wife long term foster care for large sibling groups. Currently, they are the Special Guardians of three girls that they previously looked after,and they regularly foster babies and toddlers in preparation for adoption. Brian is the Chair of the Fostering Networks England Advisory Committee, and has been involved in national pilots of one-to-one tuition, Treatment Foster Care and the Assisted Boarding School Pathfinder. He sits on the fostering panels of two independent agencies in the Eastern Region.

Two of the girls living with Brian have been seriously disabled by their birth mothers' consumption of alcohol while pregnant, and this has led to him becoming an expert in Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). It is estimated that 3 in 10 of all children in the care system are affected to some degree by FASD. He presents on the topic nationally and also advises the Department for Education on the condition.