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Each of our associates has years of excellence in practice, using the theory and research that underpins our training and consultancy to inform their own work.

They come from a variety of backgrounds: foster care, early years, teaching, therapy, social work, psychology, health and justice. Many of them have moved between disciplines, as their interests have taken them in different directions. What they all offer is a wealth of practical experience, both in direct work with vulnerable people, and in sharing their knowledge and wisdom with others.

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Interested in becoming an associate?

If you have a commitment to sharing transformative knowledge with those who work with children and families, and experience of training or consultancy as well as direct work, then becoming an associate with KCA may appeal.

For more information or to express your interest, please contact us. We will then review your CV, discuss your experience and explore the potential for working together.

Tim Clare

Photo - Tim Clare

Tim has worked with children in care for a number of years in various job roles. His first major job role involved working within a Children's Rights and Participation team for 4 years. This particular post expanded his knowledge and provided a fantastic opportunity for him to learn, develop, and progress in many areas. Tim immersed himself with many varied activities throughout this time, his main focus was to develop and lead service involvement of children and young people who were a part of the Children in Care Council. Tim was expected to advocate on behalf of the children in care (CiC) population giving due consideration to all of the consultation / QA work that he would routinely carry out, as well as being able to reflect upon his own care experiences in order to bring views about positive changes to services and outcomes effecting CiC. This activity included working with partners, organisations and politicians both Locally and Nationally.

This opportunity led Tim to remain in the social work field and he has always aspired to remain within the field. Prior, during and after this period of employment, he remained keen to expand his knowledge and wanted to equip himself with a good variety of academic qualifications. Tim has acquired a BA in Sociology and Social Policy, from the University of Leeds, an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Loughborough University and a PgDip in Community & Social Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University. Tim undertook two pieces of research during his studies that focused on children in care (Educational Achievement of CiC / Care status increasing the likelihood of criminality), which were submitted in line with his course requirements. After leaving this post and pursuing further study, Tim intended on becoming a social worker, but decided to pursue new opportunities and now works in other job roles which according to him, they offer greater autonomy, less bureaucracy, and increased job satisfaction.

Currently employed as an Education Improvement Officer for CiC (Post 16 & UASC) alongside working in a Children's home and also working as a Panel Member for a Fostering Agency. Tim also, on occasions works voluntarily supporting listening workshops by sharing his personal experiences of being in care (IPE sessions for students from various disciplines) which is in place to support student with developing their communication and engagement skills.

Tim offers further and unique insight due to being placed into Local Authority care for 20 years. He experienced a lot of placement moves (pre-adolescence) but eventually was placed in a long-term foster placement at the age of 11, which is where he remained until heading off to University. Tim is able to speak at length about his care experiences and is able to put across coherently what worked well and not so well throughout his care journey. He is able to reflect critically about these experiences that were very real to him, and can offer sound advice and guidance to many professionals and carers working in the field. He can discuss these experiences, which led him to build resilience, overcome adversity and achieve his potential.

Tim is an individual who strives to achieve the very best in everything he does and especially for CiC, and he hopes to continue with making a positive difference to the lives of children who come into the care system for not fault of their own. He brings enthusiasm, passion and speaks from the heart. He is able to bring a helpful, and beneficial, viewpoint, which encompasses personal, and professional, experiences along with being able to make use of a comprehensive and very relevant knowledge base he has acquired through his experiences and study.