our associates

Each of our associates has years of excellence in practice, using the theory and research that underpins our training and consultancy to inform their own work.

They come from a variety of backgrounds: foster care, early years, teaching, therapy, social work, psychology, health and justice. Many of them have moved between disciplines, as their interests have taken them in different directions. What they all offer is a wealth of practical experience, both in direct work with vulnerable people, and in sharing their knowledge and wisdom with others.

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Interested in becoming an associate?

If you have a commitment to sharing transformative knowledge with those who work with children and families, and experience of training or consultancy as well as direct work, then becoming an associate with KCA may appeal.

For more information or to express your interest, please contact us. We will then review your CV, discuss your experience and explore the potential for working together.

Jean-Marc Michel

Photo - Jean-Marc Michel

Jean-Marc is a UK-based developmental paediatrician with a wide range of experience in developing child health services and training with different groups of health professionals, from therapists, to education and social care staff.

He has worked within the NHS as a consultant community paediatrician with designated SEN responsibilities, and has helped design multi-agency care pathways for vulnerable children with complex needs. He also helped develop disability and autism services in Mauritius, working across the NGO and government sectors.

Jean-Marc is passionate about trans-disciplinary working and multiple perspectives when working with children and families. Parents and carers have always been included in his design of care pathways and individual plans.

In particular, Jean-Marc's professional interests include child development; autism; and infant, child and adolescent mental health. He values what different cultures can contribute to our wider understanding of child care and development together with the promotion of emotional well-being and resilience.

Jean-Marc was born in Mauritius, and spends 4 months a year working there. He is married and lives in Sheffield and is a keen chess player, and an amateur artist who enjoys reading and writing poetry about life and love.