our associates

Each of our associates has years of excellence in practice, using the theory and research that underpins our training and consultancy to inform their own work.

They come from a variety of backgrounds: foster care, early years, teaching, therapy, social work, psychology, health and justice. Many of them have moved between disciplines, as their interests have taken them in different directions. What they all offer is a wealth of practical experience, both in direct work with vulnerable people, and in sharing their knowledge and wisdom with others.

Interested in becoming an associate?

Liza Lomax has been an associate at KCA since its inception and sums up her experience thus...

"I joined KCA hoping that it would offer a route to providing social workers and foster carers with the tools to work therapeutically with children traumatised by early experiences of abuse and serious neglect. I knew from my own experience of being a foster carer that such tools were not readily available and I was concerned that exciting knowledge about the brain's development - and how to heal it when injured - was being published and not being linked to practice as quickly as children needed it to be.

It's rare that dreams are realised - but, for me, that is what has happened through KCA's work. People from all sorts of backgrounds and experience come to training and leave at the end of the day with knowledge that they can put into practice and with a renewed sense of hope for better outcomes for their particular child.

The academic integrity and the professionalism of the organisation means that there is a constant evaluative process happening, ensuring that materials are up to date and the highest standards are maintained. KCA's expertise in the area of relationships is reflected in their interactions with their associates and we are empowered in our work just as children and carers are empowered by the training that we help to develop and deliver."