Local authority and schools across Cambridgeshire address the need for improved outcomes for vulnerable children

Hosted by the Virtual School for Looked After Children, 101 staff from across the Local Authority and schools in Cambridgeshire gathered at the Burgess Hall conference centre to consider how to improve outcomes for vulnerable children at an event facilitated by KCA's Training Director, Kate Cairns.

Feedback from the day so far has been very positive and the Virtual School has already committed to a follow-up programme of workshops.

New associate: Julie Revels

KCA is pleased to welcome Julie Revels to the team. Based in Cambridgeshire, Julie brings to KCA a wealth of experience in education and early years as a practitioner and trainer, and we know that she will contribute powerfully to our work with Five to Thrive and related topics throughout the UK.

You can see detail on Julie's relevant experience by visiting her associate page.

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New associate: Jane Herd

KCA is very excited to welcome Jane Herd as an associate. A lecturer and researcher with more than 25 years experience in social work, Jane has both the practice experience and academic rigour to make a real difference as a KCA trainer.

As she is based in Essex, we imagine that her work will be centred around London and the East of England, although, as with many of our associates, there may be demand from much further afield.

You can see more detail on Jane's CV and experience by visiting her associate page.

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