about the company

Kate Cairns Associates (KCA) was established in 2011 to bring together the work of Kate Cairns and a group of experienced practitioners and trainers across the UK. Since that time the organisation has grown, as we have been joined by new associates committed to the same values and driven by the same knowledge and research base.

In the 12 months from October 2019 we have delivered 320 training/consultancy events, reaching over 8,000 participants. Managed from our head office in Gloucestershire, we have 34 associates based throughout the UK. Our small, experienced team has a considerable track record in running effective training programmes, both face-to-face and online, and in responding to the changing needs and priorities of the workforce.

KCA is an IQ Centre for the delivery of vocational qualifications. Our course content is rooted in science-based theory and is written and produced to accreditation standards.

mission and values

Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by changing the practice of those who work with them. We do this by sharing transformative knowledge, encouraging deep reflective practice, and empowering individuals and organisations to make a difference.

We understand that all human beings are both vulnerable and resilient. We work to promote resilience in the individuals and networks supporting the most vulnerable people in our society, so that they in turn can promote the resilience of those with whom they work.

We do all we can to run an ethical business that contributes positively to society and has minimal impact on the environment. We aim to build a fair and profitable business through:

how we ensure quality

Our quality assurance processes are robust, and we take feedback and evaluation seriously, promoting our own learning and working with our associates to develop their skills. After each training event, participants can provide their evaluation online, and we seek structured evaluation from our consultancy customers as each contract is completed.

We want to ensure that:

In addition to seeking and acting on feedback, we sample events for direct observation by our quality assurance team. We use our analysis of participant evaluations and our own quality assurance process to set the agenda for our regular trainer forums. At these events associates develop their own practice as trainers, and work together to update and improve our training materials and other resources.

our staff


Business development

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